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Precision machining
01Precision machining

Use of imported electrical and belt, spare parts are using Taiwan Kaibo machining center and CNC lathe production and, more accurate, higher efficiency, better quality .

Exquisite design
02Exquisite design

GAOTIAN machinery 18 years specialized carton paste forming process, the device has good stability, durable and rich application experience and attentive service make


GAOTIAN every device are after repeated debugging on, after passing inspection by cling film damp proof measures, and with iron reinforcement packaging before before leaving

Excellent performance
04Excellent performance

Gaotian to provide customers with thoughtful, satisfactory automation engineering design , so that the operation is simple, fast, stable, good stability, durability.

Full service
05Full service High field for the needs of the consultant to provide full shopping guide, distribution, installation service , to meet your needs is our duty, to solve your problem is our duty, we serve you wholeheartedly.
System Solution
06System Solution Whether you are the dealer or the use of customers, high field will provide you with professional advice, design, selection, distribution, installation and other quality services


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Wenzhou GaoTian Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.,Since its inception, it has been clear to our responsibility, the first is our goal of business philosophy, in order to meet the requirements of high and low printing and packaging production enterprises, and strive to produce the best printing equipment in china. We have strong executive power of the product development...